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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Ardwick Climate Actions' mission is to protect our local environment through grassroots advocacy that engages the local community. Our work encompasses the rewilding green spaces, monitoring pollution levels, climate advocacy that serves to benefit the local community and combating legislation counter to our objectives. We partner with local institutions, leading academics and companies, including The University of Manchester and The Museum of Manchester, to leverage the greatest level of impact through our work.


Ardwick is one of the most deprived areas in Manchester, and much work is needed to re-engage and sensitise the community back to nature and the climate crisis that affects all its residents. Surrounding the A6, one of Manchester's busiest commuter and transport roads, air pollution has disproportionately affected the area. The City of Manchester is one of the most polluted cities in the UK, seeing over 100 deaths per year attributed to air pollution. 


We plan to share our model across the city to champion grassroots activities that encourage meaningful change for good. In other words, we aim to create a fairer, more equitable place for Ardwick and Brunswick residents, as well as further afield.


The Climate Crisis is now unavoidable. It is down to every single one of us to play our part. We see community action as the main driver and catalyst to making this happen.


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