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The people behind Ardwick Climate Action

Our team are diverse and come from a wide range of backgrounds, making the organisation as great as it can possible be

Choel Cartwright

Founding Member, Lead Manager and Lead Activist

Choel is local resident and has been campaigning for Ardwick for over 15 years. Seeing first hand the devastating loss of green spaces and biodiversity was her call to action. When you are hit by the impossible, she will find a way to make it possible. Her experience in activism is testiment to this and what the group has been able to achieve since being founded under a year ago. 

Gordon Flear

Founding Member, Project Manager and Treasurer

Gordon is the definition of a doer. Commitment to the project has seen success in the biggest one yet, the closure of the A6. From a national management background, he brings his skills of project management and executes with the upmost professionalism. He is also extremely active in the community and treasurer for many organisations locally.

Daniell Musaheb

Co-Founder, PR/Comms Director

Daniell assisted the group on the A6 project, securing multiple media engagements for the team becoming a founding member in the process. He comes from a background of international journalism and PR and utilises his skill set to spread the word about the group.

Zoe Hopkins

Education Coordinator

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