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A6 Closure

On the 2nd of October 2022, Ardwick Climate Action closed the A6 for a community day, hosting over 25 partners...

The Event

For the event, we partnered with over 25 companies and organisations including The University of Manchester, The Museum of Manchester and Manchester City Council.

On the day, we planted 8 Hawthorn trees, some 300m of native hedging, created a wild meadow embankment, multiple planters, 1km of trees planted along the central reservation, air pollution monitoring to compare against days of normal traffic flows, and green mapping for future projects with the community.

Website Artwork_02 Kale Street.png

Continued work... 

Road Crossings 

Throughout 2023, Ardwick Climate Action have been lobbying for the construction of four road crossings on a stretch of the A6 running from the Apollo to the Mancunian Way.

Currently, only two safe pelican crossings are accessible separated by around 1km. In our opinion, this is inadequate due to Medlock Primary School and Ardwick Green Park sitting in the middle of the stretch of road along the A6.

The lack of safe crossing areas needs to be corrected for the safety of Ardwick and Brunswick residents, as well as the children attending the primary school and accessing the park.


Air Quality Monitoring and Research

Continued monitoring has be undertaken throughout 2024, including:


Air quality monitoring at Medlock Primary School.


Air monitoring stations planned to be placed across the community.


Monitoring on long-term health impacts of pollution through non-invasive methods.

Scientific Engagements

Our continued scientific engagements with The University of Manchester continue into this year...


Our academic lead on the project is Professor Sheena Cruickshank, the Lead for Public Engagement with Research and a key academic at the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, specialising in Immunology. 

The work to date has been published in blog format on Policy @ Manchester, please see below...

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