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“Sow the City have been working with members of Ardwick Climate Action. When the Mayor of Greater Manchester's the Green Spaces Fund was announced in June 2022, they were a group at the forefront of our mind to make aware of the funding. The fund is all about creating quality green spaces in our communities of greatest need, and we felt their passion and scale of ambition for the Ardwick and Brunswick area made them perfect candidates to be considered for Round 1 funding - to help them grow but more importantly scale up their urban greening activities for the benefit of local people - and our planet! We were therefore delighted that they were one of the first groups in Greater Manchester to receive this funding - and we are now enjoying working with them, stakeholders and the community to deliver their plans. We look forward to the Mayor visiting to see their work too!"

Kieron McGlasson - Director, Sow the City

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