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Arknights Private Server APK: The Best Way to Explore the Post-Apocalyptic World of Arknights

But, still...there have got to be gacha games that do something nice for their players when they shut down, right? I mean, if the game is shutting down anyway, why not just release a final update that removes all server checks and just lets the player go through the menus and stuff?

Truly, the scariest part of Arknights to me is not that I suck at it, but that it remains a server-based experience that will eventually end. It's been so long since the game launched... The more time it passes, the more I fear its closure. A time will come when the game is so bloated with content that it won't be as worth to keep going and they will shift their attention to a new project. What then? Can Arknights be immortalized as a standalone game or is that too much of a request from the fandom?

arknights private server apk

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Now, I'm not telling you to not play the JP server, or the not touch the global release at all, I might probably still make a global account and reroll for Shiroko just to get her L2D again, and also to read the story, but I'm not gonna stick around much and most probably would stay in the JP server until THAT also inevitably shuts down. Where is yostar when you need them.

Mobius Final Fantasy (my favorite final fantasy game and my first gacha game) was shut down in march of 2020, just at the start of the pandemic. It had a MASSIVE amount of single player content, and you never had to pay a cent to have a great time. It seems like a huge waste that not only are the servers dead, but the game itself is completely innaccessible and unplayable.


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